About Us

Who we are
The passion for making cups struck me at the age of seven. With great curiosity I began to observe the work for the realization of this object by my grandfather, a man attentive to traditions, values and professional techniques. It was a real bestseller. The acquisition of experience and the desire to learn led me to work in a factory where I learned how to make various shapes and models. Over time, this passion has grown, pushing me to open a small craft activity aimed at the creation of real unique pieces.
The Customer first of all
Today the greatest satisfaction is to sign this "made in Sicily" with your own name and receive from all over the world positive feedback that, as well as satisfying, is the stimulus for the search for new creations and models to meet the most varied needs.
We do not ignore the fact that the creation of cups does not stop renewing and we also follow the renewal, but in our workshop you will never stop to find tradition, knowledge and culture... Passing through our shop window will enchant you and you can not help but take home with you a memory of us ... look at the photos and you will confirm
The sicilian Coppola
Italy has always been a country rich in different forms of craftsmanship, a craft that now seems extinct. Craftsmanship is represented as a true form of art, and the love that still resides, in some small artisans, for innovation and infinite imagination in the creation of a particular object or his desire to experiment with new forms inimitable, where the value of tradition is also born, is the reason why there are still small boutiques that challenge day by day the disappearance of this art. By now few artisans in Sicily are dedicated to the realization of our symbol, the cup. The coppola is a traditional product for our region, and is the prestigious Sicilian brand. It is an accessory appreciated by all the people who see in it the tangible proof of a great tradition, and by tourists, who take them home as a reminder of a holiday spent in one of the most beautiful lands with a great wealth of art and culture.
Walking along the streets of our Palermo you can not help but be impressed by this small boutique that stands in Via Garibaldi No. 42, where with us still survives the craft.
Work that has been handed down from Grandfather to Grandson.