Our Coppola


High Quality


Modern and stylish Coppola with a contemporary look. Handmade in Italy


drink your coffee, take your time, don't leave your coppola.


wear it however you want, all that matters is that it will always be a coppola.

Generation of Craftsmen

" The Coppola is part of our tradition and, with Sicilian pride we continue to produce it "

The passion for making cups struck me at the age of seven. With great curiosity I began to observe the work for the realization of this object by my grandfather, a man attentive to traditions, values and professional techniques. It was a real bestseller. The acquisition of experience and the desire to learn led me to work in a factory where I learned how to make various shapes and models. Over time, this passion has grown, pushing me to open a small craft activity aimed at the creation of real unique pieces.